Friday, April 21, 2017

[random] Legendary Hong Kong Restaurant + Peach Garden Wedding Workshop

I re-visited the Legendary Hong Kong Restaurant on a random weekend, as I had a craving for Hong Kong cuisine, and missed it badly!

Baby ordered his favorite food entrée, 'Sorrowful Romantic Rice', which was inspired from Stephen Chow's movie, 'God of Cookery'.

I had a typical Hong Kong afternoon tea set - Luncheon Meat with Egg Sandwich along with a glass of Chinese tea. 

Apart from that, I also ordered some food entrees which included my favorite Steamed Pork Ribs with Yam and my latest favorite item at the joint, Fried OX Carrot Cake! The damage was about SGD35-ish, and this meal at Legendary Hong Kong Restaurant fulfilled my cravings for now! 

I attended the Peach Garden Wedding Workshop which was held at the Orchid Country Club. 

Upon entering the premises, I was greeted by the visuals of the actual wedding setting. 

All attendees were treated to several servings of Coolgurt! Baby and I shared a cup of original flavor with some colorful toppings. 

There was a highlight segment during the event that was presented by Love Story Bridal Boutique. 

I love the fashion runway very much, as each piece of wedding dress looked beautiful and feminine. 

We also got the chance to sample the food that will be offered during the wedding ceremony feast over a buffet spread. The food was delicious! 

Lastly, thanks for the wedding workshop invite, as well as the door gifts! 

I end my post with some photos we took during the launch of Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lipstick! 

Friday, April 14, 2017

Be cool with Juscool from Yeo's

Yeo's was established in 1900 and has been listed in Singapore in 1969. It is one of Singapore's oldest home-grown brands. Presently, Yeo's has introduced 'Juscool', their latest launch of sparkling drinks which are made of real fruit juice and are lightly carbonated!

The colorful packaging is worth mentioning. The Juscool range of sparkling drinks come in 6 exciting drink options - Fragrant Peach, Juicy Apple, Aromatic Yuzu, Luscious Grape, Zesty Passionfruit and Tangy Orange. The range is awarded with the Healthier Choice Symbol by Singapore Health Promotion Board. Each can contains 25% less sugar than regular carbonated drinks, a healthier and welcome choice for people who are conscious of their sugar intake and diet. 

I love the taste of Juscool Sparkling Drink, and it refreshes my throat and adds a sparkle to my day! To me, Juscool Sparkling Drinks are a refreshing thirst quencher. 

Juscool does not have a strong aftertaste which makes it a good choice for those who want to have a sparkling beverage with a low-sugar option. 

Juscool drinks are available in 325ml cans, 500ml and 1.5L PET bottles at major supermarkets and convenience stores. Wait no more, pick your choice of flavors from Juscool! You will taste the difference in Yeo's

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Launch of Onkyo Audio

Thanks for the invite to the launch of Onkyo Audio products which was held at Nigiro Café!

Onkyo is a Japanese company for premium audio equipment, and recently they launched three of their latest products which boast great audio quality.
For people who love a crystal clear and smooth audio experience, you can rely on the 'DP-X1A' Portable Digital Audio Player, as it offers Hi-Res music for an awesome indulgence. 
The device has a 4.7inch GorillaGlass touch screen and allows access to GooglePlay to access APP support beyond the pre-loaded applications. One highlight is the pre-existing app, 'OnkyoMusic' which allows users to download High Res Audio files without the need of a PC. 

 With an internal memory of 64GB and 2 micro SD card slots, up to 464GB of storage is available for all forms of entertainment.

Feel at ease at home with the 3-piece home entertainment system, 'LS7200 3D' Soundbar System that comes together with an AV Center and wireless subwoofer. 

The Onkyo Controller APP allows users to play their favorite music on any Wi-Fi enabled speakers, thereby covering every angle/corner of a room. With the added Surround Enhancer technology, it will turn any room into a cinema-like experience without using up too much space. Small in size, big in impact! 

Lastly, the 'NCP-302' Wireless Audio System is a standalone speaker that allows linking up with several units to fill the house with music. Built in Chromecast within the device allows users to cast and play music from smartphones, laptops, PC or even tablets to speakers. 

The Onkyo Controller APP is pretty handy for users as they can control music in terms of volumes, playback or skipping a song without need to move around. 

For more information, please visit

Sunday, April 9, 2017

[personal] iLight Marina Bay 2017

Weekends are meant for relaxing or for spending quality time with your loved ones! Baby and I treasure our weekends very much, especially after working so hard for the 5 weekdays. We had our lunch at Soup Spoon Union at VivoCity. Thanks Esso for the complimentary soups!

After our meal, we made a trip down to City Hall, and I took a random selfie against the life-sized Tsum Tsum display outside Raffles City Shopping Centre

I also took some pictures in the mall too. However, what I loved best was the big standee display of Beauty and the Beast outside the mall. 

We walked down to the National Gallery Singapore, and we went up to the rooftop. I enjoyed the beautiful scenery of the Padang area, and took pictures against the nice background. 

We had an early dinner at Daikokuya which is located at the basement of Raffles City Shopping Centre. The damage of the dinner was SGD50 but we paid SGD30 in cash as we got SGD20 cash voucher courtesy of The Sample Store. 

After our dinner, we made our way to The Float@Marina Bay to join in the colorful world of ART-ZOO. This was a ticketed event, and available for a limited time only. 

I love the colorful inflatable playground for children, and of course young adults can join in the fun too. I was pretty amazed to know that the artist behind the ART-ZOO is a local artist, and that was pretty awesome! 

Many of my friends had visited the iLight Marina Bay 2017, so I keep 'pestering' Baby to take me there. Since the sky was still bright, we went to the GASTROBEATS @ ILIGHT MARINA BAY for some snacks while waiting for the sky to turn dark for the main highlights of the iLight Marina Bay. 


I was most impressed by the recycled mineral water bottles displays that were used to design this artwork! I felt it gave a strong message to people to save Mother Earth, and at the same time to teach us that trivial things we may take for granted in life can be used to make great designs!

We were amazed by the lighting exhibitions that were displayed at the Marina Bay, and I look forward to the next instalment of iLight Marina Bay!