Monday, July 24, 2017

[food review] Yuzu Japanese Restaurant

Having a zest for good food, I enjoy trying out new eateries and food, especially across the causeway into Johor Bahru, Malaysia. When my JB blogger friend invited me for a food tasting session at Yuzu Japanese restaurant on a random weekend, I gladly accepted! Yuzu Japanese Restaurant is located at Mount Austin, JB, and the eatery place is fairly small with a homely and unpretentious setting.

Upon reaching the premises, we were told to help ourselves with the complimentary cold/hot green tea and free flow of kimchi at their located area within the eatery place. Currently, Yuzu Japanese Restaurant is running a promotion on their 4 deluxe Soft Shell Crabs Ala Carta and Set Meals!

2pcs of Soft Shell Crab (RM19.90)
1pc of Soft Shell Crab with Shoyu Ramen (RM18.90)
2pcs of Soft Shell Crab Meal Set with Chawanmushi (RM28.90)

2pcs of Soft Shell Crab Don with Chawanmushi (RM24.90)

Apart from the soft shell crab menu, we were allowed to also order any other food items on the menu for our tasting session. I started off with one of their signature dishes, the Cha Soba! (cold noodles). The price was much affordable as compared to other restaurants located within JB which I had tried before. The serving portion was pretty decent too! The texture of the noodles were perfect, and the dipping sauce was tastier and enhanced with the accompanying Sesame seeds.  

If you are a lover of cold noodles, you should not miss out on the soba at Yuzu Japanese restaurant. 

We also ordered the standard dishes that one can find easily in a Japanese restaurant. We shared them among the other bloggers during tasting session. 
Salmon Teriyaki 
Deep-fried Breaded Scallops

Ebi Fried Tempura 
Cold Tofu

Yuzu Japanese Restaurant may not be an exquisite Japanese Fine dining eatery, but they do well to attract customers due to their very affordable prices and quality of food. It is a good choice for weekday lunches, and is also a good place for gatherings and outings for friends and families alike during the weekend! Everybody can eat well at this wallet-friendly eatery!
Lastly, thanks for having us at the tasting session, and I enjoyed the food very much. I made many JB blogger friends through this tasting event too. 

Yuzu Japanese Restaurant (Mount Austin) 
No.27 Jalan Mount Austin Height 8/4
Taman Mount Austin 81100, Johor Bahru, Malaysia 

Friday, July 21, 2017

DBS Innovates - Beat the queues at Singapore’s eateries with DBS FasTrack

An hour of lunch time is fairly short and very precious for people who have a tight schedule. Lunch times in Singapore are generally a tale of bashing through crowds and queues just to grab a bite or to do a takeaway lunch just to continue their work at the work-desk. For some business associates who are rushing for meetings, the time spent queuing up for food might be annoying, especially so since they cannot afford to waste time!
Now with the DBS FasTrack app, users can skip queues at some eateries by buying your meals via DBS's mobile payment application, the new DBS FasTrack! Once notified, users can pop by to pick up the food at the eatery place.

The DBS FasTrack app enhances productivity and reduces food businesses' reliance on manpower. The Food & Beverage sector works on a cash basis mostly, and this digital business solution helps to ensure a safe payment through automation. DBS FasTrack-powered apps are available on iOS and Android, simply search for 'DBS FasTrack' to enjoy a smooth customer journey from hassle free ordering to a safe and secured payment mode. Through research, DBS FasTrack has proved to be beneficial to business by increasing more than 10% sales without the need of extra manpower. 
The DBS FasTrack app is easy to use and completely intuitive. As a DBS customer, I am happy to be introduced to new digital solutions in Singapore. Now, for the first time, we can pre-order and pay our meals in a food court using an app! I look forward to more new efficient banking ideas that will benefit our daily needs in the future!
Find out more about DBS FasTrack 
If you interested to find out more innovations from DBS, do visit
Disclaimer: All photos are credits to DBS.

[home-grown brand] Sunshine celebrates Singapore's birthday

Sunshine celebrates Singapore’s 52nd birthday with a 'National Day Parade' inspired pack of its four best-selling flavors! These limited editions cream buns come with a limited edition packaging that features graphics of the National Day contingent! They have been launched on store shelves as of the 01st of July, and will only be available for sale till the 31st of August! Sunshine has been sponsoring Healthier Choice cream buns at the National Day Parade and rehearsal for decades. 
Being the No.1 selling Cream Bun brand in Singapore, Sunshine has always prided itself for bringing quality products into the home of Singaporeans. Sunshine has the widest range of healthier choice breads and buns in this market! Every Cream Bun is high in Calcium, enriched with Prebiotics, and is made with choice ingredients!

Among the 4 popular variants, I love the Butter Sugar and Cookies & Cream the best! 

Sunshine has kick-started a Facebook photo contest for its National Day inspired packs. By posting a creative photo with the pack, you could stand a chance to win tickets to the National Day parade, cash prizes of SGD1,000 each or a Singapore themed caricature of yourself with loved ones! Visit for more information.
Sunshine’s bread range consists of low sugar, low fat, high fibre, 100% whole-grain options to cater to the preferences of a diverse population. A truly beloved brand of Singapore, Sunshine will continue producing high quality, wholesome and delicious baked goods for the nation. 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

[opening night] Cirque du Soleil - KOOZA

 Cirque du Soleil returns to Singapore in July this year with 'KOOZA', and it takes us back to the roots of Cirque du Soleil which combines thrilling, heart-stopping acrobatic performance with the art of clowning. 'KOOZA' is the 5th instalment staged under a huge blue-and-yellow Big Top tent which is now at the Bayfront Avenue, next to Marina Bay Sands.

Every Cirque du Soleil's show is based on a particular theme, and for 'KOOZA', and it is inspired by the Sanskrit word 'Koza', which means 'Box', or 'Chest', or 'Treasure'. The KOOZA story follows 'The Innocent' who represents the child within us all, as he takes a journey of self-discovery through a kingdom of eccentric characters, electrifying thrills and out-of-the-box surprises. 


The opening act about 'KOOZA' could be likened to a young lad opening a mystical and magical box, which allows for the denizens staying within to appear! From the very beginning, the circus does their best to capture the audience's imagination and sets pulses racing!

One of the acts that really thrilled me was the 'Wheel of Death', where 2 dare-devil acrobats performed on a wheel contraption, and they played on our anxieties to the extreme!
 My favourite segment, without giving any spoilers, had to be the 4 tight rope walkers who threaded and balanced themselves on a thin line very high up! They showed their agility and dexterity by skipping, dancing, and even riding a tandem bike on the tight rope! It was a marvellous performance and kudos to all the acrobats who were involved in this stunning act!


If you are new to Cirque du Soleil, this is the best time to get to know and familiarize yourself with the biggest, loudest and the most intense circus perform ace act in the world!

I had the great pleasure to enter the Big Top tent to catch Cirque du Soleil all thanks to Sliding Door Entertainment! 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

[Gaston Luga] Functional yet Stylist Backpack

I've always wanted to get a Classy-looking, medium sized backpack for my casual weekend outings, or even for travelling! So when Gaston Luga contacted me about their backpacks, I knew I had to jump at this opportunity!
This backpack I'm showcasing here is from the 'Praper Collection'. GASTON Luga is a Swedish based designer that makes stylish, yet durable top notch backpacks!
I was torn between the two choices I had narrowed down of 'Blue-Brown', and 'Black-Olive'. I decided to choose the 'Black-Olive' as I felt it was rather 'Atas'! Definitely chic enough for casual outings, yet classy enough to say, walk down the central business district!
Check out this small unique compartment, located right where one's back would be when carrying the backpack. There is a small compartment to place valuable items, such as a passport, cash, an EZ-Link card, and keys! The depth of the pocket suits the passport fully, and it is safe for solo travellers who fear pickpocket, as it is near impossible to fish out a person's valuables from this hidden compartment!
 I love the metal hook closure, and you can adjust the metal hook closure to change the length of your backpack to suit your preference! 
Apart from the Praper Collection, they have 2 other main collections, Classy and Classic
Lately, I have been using the Gaston Luga backpack for weekend causal outings, and it goes with all my outfits! The bag is spacious enough to store most of my belongings. I really do like the elegant exterior, as it has a simple yet really class design that suits any occasion! It is a pity I did not have this bag on any of my past trips, as I am very confident it would have been the perfect look!
To me, Gaston Luga backpacks are very special as they are a fashion statement, yet are fully functional and are a joy to use! Everyone should at least try to own this backpack, as it guarantees you to look like a 'Fashionista'!
If you would like to own a stylish backpack from Gaston Luga, you can order yours from Gaston Luga's website. Although the transaction might seem lengthy, as the order go through to Sweden, delivery is speedy via DHL EXPRESS!
For Singapore buyers, ordering from Gaston Luga entitles you to free shipping, as well as a 20% Discount due to tax rebate for NON-EU Countries! And if you use my promo code 'jess15', you get an additional 15% off, when you order your backpack from Singapore!